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Case Study 4

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Case Study 4 - Nielsen Media - Compiled by: Dylan


The Nielsen Company 

Global Headquarters

770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003-9595
United States




Founded in 1923 The Nielsen Company specializes in marketing and advertising research for media outlets in regards to who their viewers are so they can have a better understanding of the market they are trying to reach. They are the premeire ratings and research company. They are extremely important to the world of ad sales and On-Air Promotions today. Networks sell shows based on estimated ratings and Nielsen is the third party between seller and buyer that records the actual ratings. Nielsen main tools are TV meters or their people meters and they also still have people who keep diaries of what they watch to get more of a personal record. Nielsen has clearly set the standard for research innovation. As stated on their website they have compiled and created integrated databases and market-defining methodologies to provide the most meaningful view of what consumers watch and buy. Recent revenue reports show Nielsen generating $4.8 Billion (2009)



The Nielsen Company records having over 20,000 clients world wide so I will just list some major media companies that do business with Nielsen Media Research:



Crown Media


Discovery Communications

Liberty Media

News Corporation

NBC Universal

Rainbow Media

Scripps Networks

Time Warner

Tribune Company

Turner Broadcasting



Walt Disney Corporation



Currently working on C+7 study. Since DVR and TIVO were introduced to television, playback and delayed audiences have become a sticky subject for a networks ratings and advertisers wanted to make sure their ads were not being skipped over. C3 ratings exist today which measure viewing from the premiere day plus 3 days after. Some networks have shown growth in audience over the 3 days. A study is taking place now to see what numbers will return if Nielsen measures plus 7 days from the premiere. Advertisers may not like the idea of their spot being seen seven days after air since sometimes a spot is time sensitive promoting a certain sale date at a department store or a movie release. It will be interesting to see what the results show and how it may be accepted in the research and sales world.


Another recent project was researching the rise in age of viewers for English language broadcast networks and what that means for the broadcast ad sales landscape. Today the median age of the four major broadcast networks CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC are growing faster than the average median age of the population. The study shows that each of the four networks except for FOX has a median age of 50 or over. The age of 50 comes into play for the networks since they most commonly sell advertising based on the adults 18-49 demographic, the most coveted by advertisers.


Nielsen measures everything - below are two examples of recent studies that vary from the Royal wedding to an in depth look at the entire media universe today.







The Nielsen website also highlights recent projects that they have worked on for retail advertisers such as:



Kimberly Clark

Best Buy




Nielsen is a public company listed under the ticker NLSN and traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The original owner and founder was Arthur C. Nielsen and today the company has more then 34,000 employees working in over 100 countries under the leadership of the below group of executives.


Nielsen CEO

David Calhoun

Chief Executive Officer 

Nielsen CFO

Brian West

Chief Financial Officer 

Nielsen Chief Legal Officer

James W. Cuminale

Chief Legal Officer 

Nielsen Chief Research Officer

Paul Donato

Executive Vice President and Chief Research Officer  

Nielsen Global Product Leadership

Itzhak Fisher

Executive Vice President, Global Business Development 

Nielsen President Global Media Client Services

Dave Thomas

President, Media Client Services




Nielsen has ample information on their website for career's within the company. They cover topics of benefits, 401K, timeoff and mentoring programs. The best way to look for job oppenings at Nielsen is to set up a profile and search their database of available positions. They have standard procedure of interviews, background checks and profile reviews to complete the hiring process. On their careers page Nielsen emphasizes "open mindedness" and "fresh thinking" while touching on extensive training, development and mentor programs that they have. They promise ability to grow and that promoting within is a best practice of theirs.




Website: http://www.nielsen.com/content/corporate/global/en.html


Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nielsen-Media-Research/104041606298505


Blog: http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/























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