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Case Study 3

Page history last edited by Luke Bumgarner 13 years ago


Proud Creative

Unit 16, Second Floor
Shoreditch Stables (North)
138 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8DY


+44 20 7729 6170


ii)    Nature of the work:

Proud Creative’s website states that they are a creatively led multidisciplinary design studio based in London. Proud Creative has successful created rebranding campaigns for several clients.  They have created an overhaul rebrand design for Syfy and have created/pitched creative promotions for MTV.


iii) Sample Projects & Clients

(1) Proud’s most recent project was the rebranding of Syfy.

(2) Proud’s Clients include:

  • SyFy
  • Getty Images How
  • Promax: Beyond
  • Sonic Editions
  • Chomaroma
  • CNN
  • MTV Shows
  • Kanal 5
  • S4C 


iv)   Size & ownership

The number of employees was not disclosed on Proud’s website. However the heads of different departments were.

  • Dan Witchell- Creative Director

Dan graduated from Camberwell with his work already published in Creative Review. After a period of freelancing he created an identity for which he won a Gold BDA before moving into retail design, with Conran Design Group. He then spent 3 years as Creative Director of a broadcast design company, before establishing Proud Creative in 2005.


  • Roger Whittlesea- Head of Production

Roger began his production career in commercials, working with Richard Phillips, the multi-award winning writer/director of the Maureen Lipman BT campaign. Having survived 5 years of working with Richard with sanity largely intact, producing for anyone else has often seemed straightforward (if occasionally less 'interesting').  He has subsequently gone on to gain 10 years production experience in commercials, pop promos, branding and design - with responsibility for budgeting, scheduling and facilitating productions with budgets from £10k to £950k. He has produced five overseas channel re-brands in the last few years and has had work awarded at the Cannes Lions, Soho Shorts, Promax UK and D&AD.


  • Jon Rowlandson- Designer
  • Allison Haigh- Designer
  • Helen Rogers- Studio Manager
  • Joshua Baker- Web and Software Development


v)   Skills/Experience being sought

(1) Are they looking for specific types of prod experience? (documentaries, commercials,

(2) Are they looking for specific skill sets? (DV shooting, FCP or Avid editing, Photoshop, Web Design, etc.)


vi)   Proud Creative’s Available Info: 


Website: http://www.proudcreative.com


Vimeo Page: http://vimeo.com/proudcreative


Flickr Page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/proudcreative


Facebook Page: http://vimeo.com/proudcreative


Twitter: http://twitter.com/proudcreative


vii) Summary assessment (your personal judgment of opportunities in this place)

I contacted Proud Creative regarding their company and job opportunities, I did not receive a response.


viii) Additional Proud Creative Resources



This is a great recap/case study of Proud's rebrand of Syfy.



ix) Reviews of Proud Creative’s Work






x) Additonal Branding Resources beyond Proud Creative








I reached out to Proud Creative regarding their hiring practices and staff, I did not receive a response.




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