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          Brand Identity for Television: With Knobs on 

Lambie-Nairn Martin, With Knobs On – Brand Identity for Television. London: Phaidon, 1997.

     Martin Lambie-Nairn was a pioneer in television branding and motion graphics bringing the dynamic graphic treatments of print to the screen. In this book he describes the inspiration and insights for the work he developed for television channels in both Europe and the USA. Despite being published over fourteen years this beautifully illustrated book remains one of the leading reference texts on the subject.

Jonathan Lukes - jonathan.lukes@sbcglobal.net



Media Promotion & Marketing for Broadcasting, Cale & the Internet. Burlington, MA: Focal Press, 2006.

     This book covers basic information and will be of use for anyone starting out in the industry.  There are separate chapters on promoting local, network, cable and public television. It also has a useful glossary to help beginners make sense of some of the jargon. However it is already out of date regarding the latest industry trends.

Jonathan Lukes - jonathan.lukes@sbcglobal.net


Branding  TV: Principles and Practices by Walter McDowell, Alan Batten

and the National Association of Broadcasters

     While this book focuses on local broadcast channels, the concepts are universal.  McDowell and Batten address branding concepts, strategies, legal considerations and brand equity. 

     Both authors have several years of experience within the field of broadcast branding.  Batten served as president of Broadcast Promotion and Marketing Executives, which is now PROMAX.  Both McDowell and Batten are leading consultants in broadcast marketing.

Luke Bumgarner, luke.bumgarner@gmail.com


Value Creation and Branding in Television’s digital Age ©1999 by Timothy Todreas


     Todreas’ book covers topics from distribution, technology and digital branding.  One of the more interesting topics covered is the distribution in cable, broadcast and digital.  This is essential reading to grasp the history of television branding.

     The one drawback is the price of the book.  Todreas book cost $110, but despite the price tag, there are several praises of the author and the content.


Luke Bumgarner, luke.bumgarner@gmail.com


Media Selling: Broadcast, Cable, Print and Interactive. July 2003, Wiley-Blackwell by Charles Warner and Joseph Buchman 

This is the bible of Media Sales and Management. Very similar to a training manual or a how to for someone looking to gain the skill and knowledge needed to sell media across multiple platforms. This book is an extremely important tool for students, first year sales assistants and even veterans of the field. This covers media math, media economics, media sales ethics and even presentation skills.

Dylan Giordano, Dylantgiordano@gmail.com


Magazines & Journals:



Brief Magazine

     Brief is a "quarterly intelligence report" published by PromaxBDA. It claims to be the leading trade publication to the media marketing, promotion and broadcast design industry identifying and exploring "ideas, trends and innovations from the world's most revolutionary entertainment and information content brands". An on-line edition can be seen at http://www.onlinedigitalpubs.com/publication/?i=66695.

Jonathan Lukes - jonathan.lukes@sbcglobal.net



Broadcasting & Cable

     Broadcast & Cable magazine is a television industry trade paper with coverage of local and national stations. The publication carries job listings and has sections covering rating, advertising and marketing, programming, technology as well as syndication and distribution. Essential reading for anyone who needs to keep up with the latest industry news. 

Jonathan Lukes - jonathan.lukes@sbcglobal.net


Advertising Age/CMO Strategy

     AdAge is a print magazine with a web component that provides data and insights into the marketing and media industries.  It has a large focus on traditional and digital advertising for brands, but features a lot of content on brand building and strategy.  CMO Strategy is a subset of AdAge and provides details on marketing trends and brand recognition tactics.  It is a great resource for anyone looking to get into advertising or promotion, print, digital, or television alike.

Brian Tyrseck - btyrseck@gmail.com





PromaxBDA www.promaxbda.org

     PromaxBDA is an interntional, non-profit members association for professionals working in marketing, peomotion and design in the informaiton/entertainments industries. Its four main areas of focus are careers, creativity, community and education. For a detailed analysis of the organization see Case Study 1.

Jonathan Lukes - jonathan.lukes@sbcglobal.net


TVbytheNumbers - www.tvbythenumbers.com

     TVbytheNumbers is the first website of its kind, dedicated to providing the public with television ratings data, as well as detailed analysis on ratings figures and other television metrics.  The website is free of charge and anyone can use it to get the latest Nielsen information for cable and broadcast TV.

Brian Tyrseck - btyrseck@gmail.com


Professionals' Websites:


Lee Hunt - www.leehunt.com

     Lee Hunt describes himself as one of the "leading experts in television and promotion"and he is a regular on the conference and training circuit. His site is mostly promotion for his services but it does contain nearly a decade's worth of his wisdom in the section "articles". These are transcripts of his much anticipated annual address to the PromaxBDA conference initially entitled "Raise Your Ratings" but now known as "New Best practices". You can download the lectures as PDF's and the later versions contain the video spots he uses as examples.

Jonathan Lukes - jonathan.lukes@sbcglobal.net


Henry Jenkins-- Switching Channels: Branding Network TV in an Era of Mass-less Media


     Henry Jenkins is the Provost's Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. He arrived at USC in Fall 2009 after spending the past decade as the Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program. (www.henryjenkins.org May 15th, 2011).

     The great part of Henry’s blog is that he updates it regularly.  I enjoy bloggers who do take the time and effort to update their blogs.  Jenkins generally takes an academic style to his blog posts, however the posts are relevant to modern broadcasting and branding topics. I encourage anyone who's interested in media and broadcast to add Jenkins blog to your reader. 

Luke Bumgarner, luke.bumgarner@gmail.com



Promo Magazine



Decision Analyst Promotions Testings



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