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Organizations, Conferences, and Awards

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PromaxBDA - www.promaxbda.org

For a detailed analysis of PromaxBDA see Case Study 1.





Promotion Marketing Association www.pmalink.org

The PMA describes itself as "the national non-profit trade association dedicated to the industry of marketing disciplines that motivate behavior, activate response and build brands" and its tagline is "Promote. Motivate. Accelerate." 




NAB  - www.NAB.org

The National Association of Broadcasters or NAB is the "voice" of the USA's television broadcasters lobbying government, industry and the media on behalf of its members. It also "encourages content and technology innovation".  



Performing Right Organizations:

PRO's manage the relationship between copyright holders such as performers, music publishers and composers and those who wish to use their works including television networks. In particular they are concerned with the collection of royalties. Ensuring that the correct clearances are in place is imperative for any promo producer. The major performing rights organizations in the USA are:



ASCAP "We Create Music"

ASCAP - www.ascap.com



BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) - www.bmi.com



SESAC - www.SESAC.com




No matter what they are called - Conferences, Forums or Summits - gatherings of industry professionals are a good way to stay informed of current trends. However their greatest value lies in the networking opportunities they provide. On the downside registration fees are often high so try and persuade your employer to pay by emphasizing the value your attendance to the company.


Major industry conferences include: 


  •      PromaxBDA: The Conference


  •      Creative Educators Forum


  •      Station Summit




In an industry built around promotion awards play a major part in raising the profiles of both companies and individuals. As an employee winning an award is a means of demonstrating the value you add to your network which might lead to promotion and/or improved remuneration. For job seekers an award is a valuable way to burnish your resume. Entering awards competitions can be time consuming with forms to complete, requirements to comply with and deadlines to meet. It can also be expensive since entry fees soon mount up. Some agencies have whole teams devoted to tracking and entering award competitions.


PromaxBDA Awards

The industry body PromaxBDA runs several competitions including:


  • Design Awards Competition
  • Promotion and Marketing Awards Competition
  • PromaxBDA Design Student Awards
  • Making the Cut
  • Local Awards Competition


Other Awards 

Other major awards include in alphabetical order:


Ad Age’s Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards
Art Director’s Club
Communication Arts
Creativity Annual Awards
Daytime Emmy Awards
GLAAD Media Awards
GLAAD Advertising Awards
Gracie Awards
NAMIC Vision Awards
One Show Advertising
One Show Design
One Show Entertainment
One Show Interactive
Primetime Emmys


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