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What is On-Air Promotion

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i)           Orient your classmates and introduce them to your report

ii)          Describe the basic purpose and goals of your domain

iii)         What areas are “in” and what areas are “excluded” from your coverage

iv)         Is your approach different from how others cover this field?



Thomas Frank states that brands “are special things to Americans, interactive myths that earn our loyalty through endless repetition and constant adjustment.”


Publication: Harper's Magazine

Publish date:  July 1, 1999

Author: Frank, Thomas


So what is on-air promotion?


On-air promotion can be many things, and vary from channel to channel.  At its heart, on-air promotion is the main tool for a network to both brand itself and promote its programming line up.  Promotions can take the form of graphical messages over programming, short channel identification pieces, and longer commercial-length spots driving viewers to programming priorities.  The purpose of promotion is to boost awareness for shows, create an intent to view, and increase channel viewership.


To foster their brand-image, networks use a combination of promos and design elements to create a unique feel and environment for their viewers.  Color palettes, font choices, animations, and audio elements can all combine together to give a channel a unique voice and feel with its audience.





Goals/strategy of on-air promotion & design.


Show promotion/Media Planning

Premier/Show launches vs. episodic promotion


Creating a channel feel/environment – On-air design 

Image campaigns/IDs

Can you tell which channel you’re watching without seeing its logo?

Channel/promotional “style guides”




It's about time.


Time is an individual's most precious commodity so how do telelvision networks, in an increasingly crowded media environment,  persuade viewers to spend that time watching their programme or channel?


This report examines one of the most important tools at the disposal of television broadcasters - on-air promotion and design. We'll look at the goals and strategy, the art and the science used to drive viewing of both individual shows and networks as well as providing industry information and resources.


And next time you turn on the television ask yourself "If I couldn't see the logo would I know which channel I was watching?"



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