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Source: Lee Hunt - 2008 Best Practices



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What is On-Air Promotion?




Taking Care of Business






Organizations, Conferences, and Awards


Closely Related Vendors and Organizations


Promo Glossary







Case Studies:


Case Study 1: PromaxDBA


Case Study 2: Great City Productions


Case Study 3: Proud Creative


Case Study 4: Nielsen Media 


It's about time.


Time is an individual's most precious commodity so how do telelvision networks, in an increasingly crowded media environment,  persuade viewers to spend that time watching their programme or channel?


This report examines one of the most important tools at the disposal of television broadcasters - on-air promotion and design. We'll look at the goals and strategy, the art and the science used to drive viewing of both individual shows and networks as well as providing industry information and resources.




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Comments (2)

Andy Bobrow said

at 3:15 pm on May 19, 2011

This is a first-rate job. Every section is well-researched, informative, packed with examples and graphics, easy to read, well-written and overall awesome! I've learned more than I ever thought I could about on-air promotions in record time. Thanks!

Paul Hardart said

at 7:34 am on May 22, 2011

This is an excellent dossier. Really well-organized, presented and researched. User friendly and very informative with great examples. Excellent work!!

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